Merlin Cabinets

     Could you please introduce yourself

  • Name: James Hoolahan

  • Position: Managing Director

  • Company name: Merlin Cabinets, 79 Thornborough Road, Mandurah Western Australia

  • Industry: Cabinetry Manufacture and install


     What are the key challenges you have faced over the last five years or so –

  • Staffing has been a major challenge

  • Finding the right people for the job.

  • Developing systems that work and getting staff to use them


        What was life like when that problem or problems loomed over you?


“Having these issues was stressful, but I accepted them as part of developing my business. When the issues are resolved it is very rewarding to see the results of the work put in.”



        Did you search hard for a solution?


“Yes, I had to give it a great deal of thought over some time. I had tried different methods, but they only worked up to a point. One day, in 2012, we were approached by Bizpac Management Consultants, who presented us with their service. After receiving a complimentary Initial Consultation, the board made a decision to engage them, to see if they could provide any robust solutions. That working relationship commenced in 2012, and continues. We have been though many challenges together, and coming out of each one, has made the company stronger and more agile.”


        Please describe the solution you found –

     “Solutions used to solve these issues included a good human resource system for finding the right people.

I found the best method for developing and refining systems is meetings with the team. Having brain storming sessions and gathering everyone’s ideas really help to make the right decision. Bizpac Management Consultants, our external colleagues, were engaged to deliver a whole new HRM plan, which has guided us in implementing this solution.”

        How did you/ are you getting relief?


“The continuation of our Human resource system and regular team meetings helps to keep our systems going and continuously improving. We also engage our external colleagues Bizpac Management Consultants to provide us with ongoing professional, unbiased Management Consulting services, to leverage our efforts in all areas of Strategic Management which includes HRM and Strategic Marketing.”

       What is life like now? –

Now the problem is solved and/or results being delivered?


“Now that some of these systems are running I am seeing better production happening from our staff. Our meetings boost the team’s morale and relieve me from solving a lot of issues.”


     How is life different/better than before?


“I have more time to concentrate on other aspects of the business now but also enjoy continuing and refining the systems that we have in place. I meet each week with Bizpac Management Consultants, where we work together on new ideas and methods to develop and implement, to leverage these systems even more, to our advantage.”