The leading Builders’ Hardware, Trade and Retail Hardware business in the Peel region of Western Australia, is Midstream Hardware. If you are needing anything from a nail, to a complete onsite supply service for your next project, then we  highly recommend Midstream Hardware to you. They are successfully employing a Differentiation Strategy, yet offering  great value for money. Something badly needed in this day and age of Big Box “dumbed down” large Hardware retailers, where you need binoculars to find a staff member around to help you!

One of the really refreshing things about Midstream Hardware, is as soon as you walk in the store, there is a team of dedicated professional sales associates at a trade counter straight in front.

There for you, highly experienced with the product knowledge you require. No more chasing around a football field to find a staff member to help you!   And then only to find they don’t know their elbow joint from a hammer.

Located conveniently on Pinjarra Road in Mandurah, you can pop in to their store, organise all your needs by phoning (08)95353000, emailing:

                                                                                                                 or by visiting them at:

Here are some of their features and benefits for you, next time you need a Builders', Trade or Retail Hardware specialist.

A Complete onsite supply at your finger tips

 Midstream Hardware have deliberately chosen a different path from the large corporate stores in that they offer something different. They have a range which specifically caters for the building and construction industry and choose to stock quality products which offer the best value. They back this up with a high level of product knowledge to ensure that as a total package, you receive the highest level of customer service.

 Their stock range has been developed to help you build your next project.  

At Midstream, they chose many years ago to serve the building industry. This means that they have focused on stocking products that are relevant the needs of builders and tradesmen. They are the largest independent supplier of Cockburn cement in the Peel region and stock a large range of James Hardie products.

They also stock a large range of power and hand tools to help get the job done. In all they have over 12000 lines that are tailor made to help you finish your project on time and on budget.

To the team and Midstream hardware, it’s not about having 30,000 lines over 12,000sqm but having the 12,000 lines that you want, conveniently located to make it easy for you


They want Australia to benefit from their experience

They have over 25 years experience  in serving tradesmen, builders and construction sites in the Peel region WA and with the help of their Key suppliers they want to deliver this benefit to the rest of Australia. So they developed their web site with the same goal in mind:

                                                    Complete onsite supply made easy!

If you’d like to visit them, simply click on


Spend less time getting the right product

Having over 25 years of experience in the building industry in the Peel region, ensures you get the right product on site on time every time. They back this up with industry based employees with practical knowledge. Midstream employees have used or had extensive training on their products. They also have a Builders Consultant who can help with site supply issues. They have also included a fast order page for startup orders in the Peel region.

 If you are in the Peel region, they are never far away either

Midstream Hardware is conveniently located in central Mandurah in a purpose built building at 172 Pinjarra Road, allowing quick access for Trucks and trailers, once again ensuring that you spend minimal down time away from your sites.

 Best Value

They also offer the best value when it comes to building supplies, by offering competitive pricing of over 12,000 lines, and the best practice supply through their focus on being a building supply specialist.