Performance Management

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Performance Management    

Module 1

Introduction to Performance Management


Module 2

What is Performance Management?


Module 3

The Science of Behaviour in Business



Module 4

Business is Behaviour


Module 5

Separating Behaviour from Non-Behaviour


Module 6

PIC/NIC Analysis


Module 7

The ABC Model


Module 8

Consequences That Increase Behaviour: Positive and Negative Reinforcers


Module 9

Maintaining Performance Improvement: Schedules of Reinforcement


Module 10

Consequences That Increase Behaviour: Punishers and Penalties



Module 11



Module 12



Module 13



Module 14

The Right Pinpoint


Module 15

Introduction to Performance Feedback


Module 16

Feedback in Graphs


Module 17

Finding and Creating Positive Reinforcers (R+)


Module 18

Delivering Reinforcers


Module 19

Applying Schedules of Reinforcement in the Workplace


Module 20

Setting Attaining goals


Module 21

Dealing with Unwanted Behaviour



Module 22

Planning Reinforcement


Module 23

Evaluating Performance Change